Top 12 Best Trimmer under 2000 – Reviews & Buying Guide

If you’re looking for the best trimmer for men, look for one that has a lightweight construction with a recharge time of less than a minute. There are many brands to choose from and each one seems to promise you amazing results.

Best Trimmer for Men Under 2000

What makes a good electric hair trimmer? How to buy beard trimmers? Follow these simple steps to find the right brand for your needs and start reaping the benefits of healthy, attractive facial hair.

Philips  & cordless Titanium (Best trimmer under ₹2000)

philips men trimmer

Philips beard trimmer has a lightweight design that makes it easy to use.This best trimmer for men under 2000 comes with six different settings which are all user-friendly, including a low speed that is ideal for Body Grooming, Beard & Moustache. 

There is also a medium to short setting, which is suitable for men who have a longer beard. To add some style to your facial hair, the trimmer comes with a 20 length setting attachment.

With the help of attachment, it is possible to get perfect results even in the most difficult situations.

It has comb which handle extremely heavy hairs with ease and helps to prevent the blades from being worn down.A major contributing factor durability is the material from which it is made.

This trimmer’s blade  contain ceramic metal, thus reducing the chance of any abrasions on one’s finger or skin.Furthermore, the blade remain sharp for longer periods, ensuring that more hair can be trimmed in a shorter amount of time.

Product Description

  • Long lasting Performance
  • 27 lock-in length settings
  • Flawless Trimming experience
  • Easy to use
  • Light indicator when battery is low

Why choose this Trimmer

Philips has developed a cordless version of their popular beard trimmers. This model is lighter and requires less space to store. It is also easier to use because it offers greater control over how much of the head to the trimmer will cut off a small beard.

This is important because some models are limited as to how far they can go into the beard. Cordless and lightweight models are ideal for professional use who need to trim facial hair regularly.

They are also great options for people who travel and can’t bring a conventional beard trimmer with them.

SYSKA HB100 Ultraclip Hair Clipper and Trimmer for men 

Top 12 Best Trimmer under 2000 – Reviews & Buying Guide

SYSKA  Trimmer is the most up-to-date model of the SYSKA line of professional accessories. This clipper and trimmer have a removable head cap.

It also has dual blades on both the bottom of the unit to enable you to cut through hair very precisely.There are numerous other benefits that this model has as well, such as a high cutting efficiency and it can cut through the smallest of hairs.

In addition, it comes with a 360-degree swivel cord for easy carrying around.If you own long hair, then it is especially easy to work with when you use the Syska hair clipper and Trimmer.

The product features a wide range of attachments that are designed to work with even the most difficult and thickest of hair.

If you have naturally curly hair, however, then you may find that the attachments can prove a bit difficult to use, once you try the latest Syska beard trimmer  likely find that you have much more success using this professional trimmer on your curly hair.

Product Description

  • Up to 90 minutes of cordless use
  • Easy to handle and Safe & Lightweight
  • Corrosion resistant ceramic coated blades
  • Comes with 4 stubble guide combs
  • With combs get perfect Haircut

Why choose this beard Trimmer for Men

SYSKA  men’s beard Trimmer is very versatile. It is a fast, efficient hair trimmer that is ideal for body hair or use at the hair salon. Nevertheless, the greatest benefit of this model is the ease at which you can use it.

With this product, it is very easy to get professional results and to use it anywhere in very little time at all. Syska trimmer for men is an excellent choice for maintaining your hair and also makes it much easier to style and control.

Mi Corded & Cordless Waterproof Men’s Beard Trimmer 

mens beard trimmer

If you are interested in buying a trimmer, but you are also on a budget, perhaps you should look into the Mi cordless beard trimmer for men. 

This trimmer is perfect for those who love having a good-looking small beard. Clipper can be used to make your beard and neckline more appealing without having to spend a lot of money. 

The price of this beard trimmers for men is very reasonable, considering how good it is. It also comes with a lot of accessories that can be used to help you achieve the perfect look. 

The trimmer blades come with prior lubricant coating makes it easier for you to trim your beard, reach tough areas effortlessly.

There are some great features on this waterproof trimmer, IPX7 with a fully washable body for easy cleaning such ability to use it anywhere. This trimmer can be used in the house or out in the yard.

Some people like to use this beard trimmer anytime so that they can have a nice trim when they go outside. It can easily be moved around so you will always get the best trim for shaping the beard.

Product Description

  •  Skin friendly rounded tips
  • Ergonomic design
  • Easy to use, Low noise mechanism
  • IPX7 with a fully washable body for easy cleaning

Why choose this Trimmer

This waterproof beard trimmer is one of the best brands trimmer under 2000 and has many features that make it great for trimming your facial hair. 

If you are looking for a good all-around trimmer, then the Mi trimmer is a good choice.

Philips OneBlade trimmer and shaver 2 in 1

mens beard trimmer under 2000

Philips Trimmer and Shaver are probably the most affordable trimmers for men around 2000 today. What makes them so great? What makes them better than their competition? Philips trimmer cum shaver have everything you could want.

Oneblade trimmer from Philips is built solidly for a lifetime of use. It features a precision-ground motor that runs at an amazing 1.7 amps, which means it will cut through even the hardest and most curly hair with ease. It features a long-lasting warranty and a two-year limited warranty.

Powerful motor can also handle mullet hair, and this trimmer can fulfill all your styling needs no matter what kind of hair you have. 

This trimmer has both a short blade for thinning and trimming hair and a longer blade for styling with interchangeable tips. These tips are skin-friendly you’ll be happy with the large, spaced-out tip selections.

Philips trimmer and shaver 2 in 1 is a very practical and versatile product. It’s great for trimming beards. It’s pretty much perfect for any situation where you need a quick and easy solution to trim your neckline.

If you want the look of a professional trim, but you want to save money, the Philips Oneblade is probably the best trimmer for men under 2000 you’ll find.

Product Description

  • Upto 45 minutes cordless use
  • Lightweight and Sleek Design
  • 2 in 1 use Shaver and trimmer
  • Two Sided blade cover unreached areas

Why choose this Trimmer

Philips men’s trimmer well worth the price. If you want the most efficient trimmer with all of the pros, this may be the best trimmer for you. 

You should do some research and look at all of the pros and cons of beard trimmer before you make a purchase. It’s also a good idea to read the reviews so you can see what others have to say about the Philips One blade.

With all of the pros mentioned above, the Philips One blade is truly a best trimmer for men under 2000 that can save you time and money.

Panasonic  6-in-1 Corded & Cordless Beard Trimmer

mens beard trimmer under 2000

Panasonic six-in-one trimmer attachment is one of the most popular models available from this brand. It offers a lot of conveniences, such as its compact size and variable speed trigger.

Boasts excellent cutting efficiency, which makes it ideal for trimming beard.Panasonic  trimmer comes with five interchangeable shaving heads.

These heads include a large serrated head for long hair; a smaller, more pinpointed head for facial hair; a large triangular head for facial fuzz; and a naturals square head that is designed for trimming eyebrows. The blades have a rubberized grip so they don’t slip

You can use all of these attachments for facial hair or you can use just the square head for going against the men’s body and underarms. 

Since trimmer has multiple motors spin at an amazing pace, making it quick and easy to get a perfect shave every time

The blade system of beard trimmer  is made from carbon and stainless steel, blades are replaceable, which means you can decide which one to keep.

Product Description

  • Looks premium with different attachment
  • Comes with lubrication oil for trimmer
  • Versatile Kit with Multiple Attachment
  • Trim Wet or Dry Hair

Why choose this Trimmer

The handle of the trimmer is comfortable and ergonomic. It has a rubberized grip, making it easy to hold onto.

In addition, the grip allows you to trim under chin while shaving. The suction cup of the trimmer works well, securing your hair firmly in place.

Overall, the Panasonic trimmer for men under 2000 that is affordable and convenient

VGR Professional Rechargeable Cordless Beard Hair Trimmer for Men

best trimmer for mens and pets

Professional Rechargeable Cordless Beard Trimmer is ideal for trimming the longer, curly-style beard. You can use it in any type of environment, including the workplace and at home.

It comes with an easy-to-operate rechargeable cord and four attachments for trimming, with a LED light so you’ll know exactly when to hold it down and cut the hair.

The batteries last a long time so you don’t need to change them often. So not only is the VGR Beard Trimmer a great option but it’s also a cost-effective choice. No wonder it’s one of the most popular trimmers.

One huge pro for this product is that it charges quickly. While its cordless design makes it convenient to use, the rechargeable batteries are a real advantage.

You can get up to two hours of use before you have to recharge it again. In addition to fast charging, the trimmer also gets the job done with ease.

It’s lightweight, so it’ll never feel like you’re dragging something around your hair.

Product Description

  • Light weight, premium quality sharp edges
  • High Quality Home Haircuts, easily trim kids hair
  • Fulfill requirement for different size attachment
  • Ergonomic Design Compact grip for easy handling

Why choose this  Trimmer for men under 2000

If you’re looking for a trimmer with multiple blades, or evenjust one single blade, this beard trimmer for men is a worthy investment. It has the feature that allows you to change out the attachment easily, so you can get the closest shave possible with this best trimmer for men under 2000 

This trimmer also comes with a self-sharpening mechanism that is great for getting a close trim every time., best battery option, so you don’t have to worry about running out of battery power and ruining your shave.

Whatever your style is, VGR beard trimmers should be able to help you achieve it.

Havells BT9003 Adjustable Beard & Moustache rechargeable Beard Trimmer


Havells Adjustable Beard Trimmer is a new, lightweight cordless trimmer with multiple blades. It promises to make trimming your facial hair easy and efficient.

This is a big claim, but the company behind Havells has its back. This trimmer has the exclusive V-Trimmer technology that ensures 2x faster cutting in 1 stroke.

Like other trimmers of its kind, the Havells Trimmer is cordless, making it very convenient. You don’t have to worry about a dangling cord or tangled wires.

The battery will last up to 1.5 hours on a charge, so it will charge plenty while you’re working. It can detect whether the hair is wet, which makes them even more convenient.

This beard trimmers have a nice, wide face for maximum clearance and accuracy. When not in use, the top of the unit will curve down.

allows you to keep the blade in perfect condition. Also, they have replaceable blades, so if you need to change them you won’t have to buy a new Beard Trimmer.

This premium Beard Trimmer is lightweight, making it a comfortable product to use. You can carry it easily in your handbag or backpack.

It’s also portable, so you can take it anywhere you go. No more tugging and pulling on your beard to get it to work, it works like a charm.

If you have been looking for the best trimmer but one that is not too expensive, priced around Rs.1,700 in the Indian market.  this one could be just right for you. It is one of the newer models on the market,

Since Havells continues to make great trimmers.It is well built and durable.

Product Description

  • Capture trim ensures 2x faster cutting in 1 stroke
  • Adjustable length setting
  •  Rechargeable beard trimmer with 50 minutes Playtime
  •  Led battery indicator

Why choose this Trimmer

Overall, the Havells makes quality beard trimmer that you won’t regret purchasing. It is a well-built, durable, and versatile product. 

It can handle many types of facial hair and it makes that job a whole lot easier than it used to be.

It also does a great job at making your face look great, which is worth any price you pay if you visit salon.

SYSKA Corded & Cordless Stainless Steel Blade Grooming Trimmer 

best trimmer for mens in India under 2000

Syska Cordless Trimmer is one of the best-selling beard trimmers available.

This trimmer is perfect for eyebrows, beard, and mustache hair with 3 changeable attachments design makes it ideal for trimming both nose and ear grooming hairs, deliver pleasant grooming experience 

It has a two-speed motor, which enables it to be useful for all hair types. 

This model is suitable for both women and men. Lightweight design makes it easy to store. It can be carried to any location easily, trimmer are designed to be user-friendly and versatile.

In addition, this unit is lightweight and portable and can be carried around anywhere. It has a rechargeable power system that allows you to use the device without worrying about recharging

This cordless beard trimmer truly does live up to the name. It’s an excellent choice for anyone who is looking for a good all-around grooming tool with a price tag under Rs.2000. 

If you’re looking for the perfect trimmer. If you’ve been thinking about buying one, this might be a great time to shop. There are many reasons to consider it as your next electric razor.

Product Description

  • Up to 1.5 hrs minutes of long lasting performance
  • Easy to use and Clean
  • Stainless steel blades with superior cutting performance
  • Value for money

Why choose this Trimmer

The Syska being a professional trimmer available today for those who are looking for quick trim session.

It is a top choice among many people and is recommended by most people who use this product. With this trimmer, you can easily make a style statement without having to worry about your looks being ruined.

Overall, it is a very good choice for anyone who wants to improve the experience of trimming facial hairs effortlessly

It comes at a very affordable price and is perfect for those who want to try something new in hair cutting. Try it today!

Philips S1121/45 Cordless Electric Trimmer and shaver 2 in 1

best electric shaver

Philips cordless electric shaver is one of the leading brands of rechargeable trimmers cum shaver They produce high-quality electric shavers that meet the expectations of every customer. 

One of the best features of Philips trimmer cum shaver is the 3 direction adjustment. Many other brands provide similar features but they are less comfortable as well as hard to use. 

Philips has introduced the first cordless shavers with the revolutionary technology of self-cleaning. The shavers do not require frequent batteries recharging. 

The 3 direction adjustment and the easy control buttons make it easier for the users to adjust the best level of the blades.

The best features of the Philips Electric Razor include its comfortable 3d pivot & flex cover and interchangeable disposable blades.It also has user-friendly adjustable pressure settings for getting the closest aqua touch to shave every time. 

Although it may take a little longer to get used to using the Electric Razor compared to some of the other brands, its many features make up for the difference.

If you are looking for a quality electric shaver that offers long-lasting durability and comfort then look no further than the Philips best available for purchase at just Rs.1,650.

Product Description

  • Effortless shaving at home, skin friendly performance easy to use
  • 27 self-sharpening blades for Perfect shaving experience
  • Electric Shaver, 3D Pivot & Flex Heads, Skin protection system
  • Excellent built quality

Why choose this Trimmer

Philips Electric Razor has many features that make it stand out from its competition. 

From its exceptional design to its great features, the 3D pivot is a great choice for anyone who wants an easy-to-use shaving beard.

With Philips 3 directional floating head trimmer and the easy-to-use folding blade system, anyone can get the best beard shaving experience without having to spend hours trying to shave correctly.

The owner’s manual also comes with it, making it easier for the user to understand everything about this great electric shaver cum trimmer.

NOVA NG 1152 Cordless Rechargeable Trimmer for Men 

best trimmer under 2000

The NOVA beard trimmer for men  is an innovative has high precision blades which allows you to trim even unreached areas.

The best part of this grooming trimmer kit is that it offers two-way power which means that in case of a power outage battery inside supports fast charging , you can still trim your beard 90 minutes per charging.

It is very easy to operate and you can expect the same performance whether you use it for the first time electric beard trimmer.

The control panel of the NOVA beard trimmer has five different speeds and a unique programming feature that allow you to change the blade speed to suit the level of grooming you wish to perform.

With a unique programming system, you can even start with a very low setting for a softer shave and go up to the maximum speed for a very hard and close shave, without causing discomfort like tugging or pulling of hairs.

You can also get the low and high settings on the control panel separately if you wish to, unique programming feature of the NOVA beard trimmer allows you to even adjust the blade tension to suit your needs.

Product Description

  • Very ergonomic ranging from hair, face and body products
  • High precision blades, noise of trimmer quite less
  • Easy and comfort trimming
  •  Blades come with prior lubricant coating

Why choose this Trimmer

NOVA beard trimmer for men comes with a carrying case that doubles up as a stand when not in use. It is also very lightweight, which is an added advantage.

The cordless head trimmer is suitable for use on any smooth and semi-wedge hair type. The device is easy to handle even by beginners as it has an ergonomic design that makes it very comfortable to hold and use.

Its strong and durable nylon fiber construction ensures that the unit lasts for many years.

Braun Beard trimmer for men under 2000

best trimmer under 2000 in india

Braun beard trimmer is a quality, durable and practical beard trimmer. They are made by Braun, a well-known maker of high-tech accessories. The trimmers have been on the market since 2020.

Some of the features of the Braun beard trimmers are:

The best trimmer for men has two different heads to choose from. Each head varies in size so you can trim your beard anywhere from medium to large, trimmers have a square-shaped head. This type is good for trimming longer hair, maintaining a moustache and trimming sideburns.

The best thing about this versatile trimmer is that it is so easy to use. No matter how much time you’ve been working out in general, you can still maintain accurate lines and edges on neck and cheek.

One might think that trimmers would be difficult to use, but the makers of this trimmer have made them easier to use. There are many different settings you can adjust Some of them are specifically for beginners, while others have more features that allow more precise beard trimming experience.

The first time you use the Braun beard trimmer for men, you should take a minute to insert the battery into the unit and  its onn. It’s as simple as that. You’ll find yourself using the trimmer in no time at all. They are designed for ease of use.

Product Description

  • Very trendy design with seamless Trimming
  • Easy and comfort of trimming, Create accurate lines and edges
  • German technology and ergonomic build, felt no  irritation while running on skin
  • Sharper, faster, heavy duty but safe

Why choose this Trimmer

Electric trimmer for men’s beard is easy to use and make it effortless for you to get professional results. You will have a great time trimming your beard, which means you can get more minutes of fun with your friends and family. 

If you are ready to buy one, make sure you look at all of the available options. It comes with wired as well as wireless mode. Some people prefer to buy an electrical beard trimmer and some prefer a cordless one. It depends on what you are looking for in your Braun electric beard trimmer.

Nova SuperGroom Beard Trimmer for Men 

best mens trimmer under 2000

Nova SuperGroomer trimmers are an excellent option for men who want to keep their facial hair under control. Its Advanced 8 in 1 trimming helps you style on, the ultimate way to keep your face clean, conditioned and hair trimmed.

This is an electric razor that makes it possible to get close trimming, so there is no more need to pull the hair out. There are several models of beard trimmer for men available, all of them have the high-quality plastic materials.

There is no question about whether this product offers the best trimming and closest shave possible. It’s also the most affordable trimmer for men priced under Rs 2,000

There are several different models and colors available. This is a great way to find the perfect model for you, without breaking the budget.

While the Super Groomer beard trimmer works well, some men tend to be hesitant to use electric shavers. There is no problem using the trimmer because it is completely safe.

It’s gentle enough for everyday use and the results are amazing. The price is extremely affordable, especially considering how good the product is.

Product Description

  • Unprecedented cutting performance , Long battery backup
  • Easy adjustable attachments for setting beard length
  •  Nice grip with long battery hours
  • Lightweight, easy to use

Why choose this Trimmer

Nova beard trimmer is a very good way to start getting what you want. If you are looking for the best trimmer for men in India, this is the one to get. 

It does everything that you need it to do. You don’t have to worry about whether or not the blades will work, and you don’t have to worry about it breaking when you use them. All you have to do is put it on and start working. That’s all there is to it.

Best Men’s Trimmer Under 2000 – Buying Guide

If you are looking for the best beard trimmer to help you trim your facial hair then there are a few things you should know about these products. These devices can cost a decent amount of money but you must know how to choose a great one

Size of Blades: For some people the longer the blades the better, especially when you get one with multiple blades. Some of these will also work better for facial hair that is curly or wavy. The best men’s beard trimmers generally feature blades that offer variable jaw and blade precision.

Features: The best men’s beard trimmers feature several useful features such as variable size trimmers, different grooming heads, and different attachments for the purpose. There are numerous brands and models available in the market today offering the best men’s grooming products.

Cordless: Many times you can get away with using extension leads on your trimmer but there is always a chance that they can get snagged and cut off. If you want the best beard trimmer, you will have to make sure that it comes with a cordless so you don’t have to worry about that.

Twin Blades: Some of the newest models of trimmers for beards come with dual blades. This is a good option if you like to trim twice a day. Some of the best beard trimmers will come with dual blades so you can work faster than ever before. You will always have control over the speed and be able to trim your face down to stubble in no time.

Battery:  A good grooming kit should come with a long charge life. Usually, the rechargeable batteries of these shavers are designed to be used for a long time. They give you enough time to get a perfect shave without having to worry about the recharge

Warranty:  Some of the best beard trimmers will come with limited warranty periods. This means that if something should happen within the warranty period you will have some help.

Frequently Asked Questions in Beard Trimmer

If you’re looking to buy a men’s trimmer, you’ve probably already done so and are now wondering “What are the questions I should ask?” The truth is that there are a lot of different models and makes available on the market and each one has different features.

Some men’s trimmers have oscillating options that enable you to trim back extra long hair, but this feature can also be annoying if it isn’t comfortable to use. 

Here are some of the most common questions you might have about a men’s trimmer and the answers to them.

Are men’s trimmers safe to use? Yes, they’re very safe. Most models come with special eyelets that hold the blades steady while in use, preventing them from flying away. You should always check to see that the blade is attached firmly to the men’s trimmer itself. This will ensure that it’s safe to use in all kinds of skin type. Also, the eyelets on the blades allow you to change out the blades faster to make the job go faster.

Can I take my men’s trimmer on camping trips? You can buy a lightweight, durable model. These are made to withstand rough use and will cut through nearly anything you encounter in the wild. A lightweight men’s trimmer is also easier to bring along on hiking trips

 What if the trimmer falls? Make sure you purchase the best quality trimmer you can afford and don’t forget to carry something for tripping cases. Safety is important when using a men’s trimmer, so be prepared. Before long, you’ll have nothing to worry about.

Can a beard trimmer use for a haircut?  The simple answer is Yes, There are also a variety of different attachments that are available on trimmers today that can be used to trim long hairs.


It’s important to consider the quality and performance of any product before you buy it. You can quickly tell the difference between high quality and low quality by looking at reviews or testimonials.Look for reviews or customer comments on leading brands online to see which of the leading men trimmer brands you’re most likely to buy. In addition to seeing what other people say about the products you’re considering find out which brands are recommended

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